Youth Finance Management

Today it is concept, will be the big bang in family finances. FunSave YFM helps families managing their finances by combinig hardware (smart money box) and software (mobile and web applications) components. YFM provides new ways for the family to communicate, save and play together. Financial Institutions get a complete customer acquisition model that helps developing brand image and loyalty in young soon-to-be customers – and at the end of the day, turn them into real customers.

It consists of:
  • an IoT device – a digital, internet-enabled, modular, smart coin box. It can change function over time so not only toddlers enjoy using it.
  • an app family for families – functionality is automatically extended as kids get older. First a virtual coin box, then a mobile wallet with parental control, a mobile bank… parents and relatives get their own app so they can stay in touch with the kids (and send ’em $$$!) in a cool way!
  • a web application – old school but sometimes it’s useful

SAVE n’ Play

Once there was the piggy bank, now is time for higher level solutions with digital tools. The platform contains software and hardware elements: the money box for collecting coins, apps for tracking incomes and expenses as well savings.

  • SAVE n’ Play helps children learn about: what is money, what is the relation between income and expenses, how to handle and save money.
  • SAVE n’ Play helps parents to foster their kids’ financial awareness.
  • SAVE n’ Play helps our business partners to enhance their social responsibility and build relationship with families.

Fundimini® money box

Collect coins and banknotes, check them online instead of counting. Our money box is smart, digital, and popular among kids. The main component of the money box is the electronic coin recognizer module, which can be integrated into base boxes of any size and shape. The module is easily customizable, it can be adjusted to coins from all over the world. The money box communicates with desktop computers over USB port, and with mobile devices on Bluetooth Smart protocol.

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FunSave was founded in 2015 by financial and IT experts who have been working in online banking for nearly two decades. Previously, we had worked for leading e-finance solution providers and now we are delivering state of the art solutions to financial institutions who know that customers demand smart answers to smart questions. We do believe that managing family finances should not be frustrating but can be made a real 21st century experience instead.